Why are we Different?

myInvenio's Core Differentiators & Key Capabilities

Low-Cost and Fail-Fast Approach

Process Mining can provide a comprehensive way to understand your actual processes in terms of performance and behavior before beginning any kind of Digital Transformation initiative, but this is just the beginning.

We are in a fast-changing world where we need a way to recreate our processes digitally and test any changes to be made.

myInvenio provides you with a real Digital Twin of an Organization. It can derive an extremely precise model of your processes and enable you to pursue continuous improvement initiatives with a low-cost and fail-fast approach.

myInvenio can provide this unique value thanks to its main key differentiators:

Process Mining
Decision Rules

Multi-Level Process Mining

Visualize complex processes in a simple way

A multi-level process is a complex process which contains entities that have many-to-many relationships, e.g., procure to pay (P2P) and order to cash (O2C). Traditional process mining techniques fail to deal with data divergence and convergence issues that characterize these complex business processes.

As a result, complex processes cannot be analyzed and are treated as one process because statistics would be biased and misleading.

Each of P2P’s four different subprocesses – purchasing, ordering, invoicing, payment – has to be analyzed separately, thus failing to provide visibility on the actual end-to-end P2P process.

With multi-level process mining, you can map several derived processes within a single comprehensive model, solving the huge limitation faced by traditional process mining techniques.

myInvenio provides end-to-end visibility on complex multi-level processes, ultimately allowing you to gain the next generation level of insights that you look forward to taking advantage of.


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Decision Rules Miner 

Why am I following this route?

Traditional Process Mining tools only identify the probability of following a specific path after a decision point.

Thanks to the Decision Rules Miner, myInvenio automatically discovers the correlations within the business data available in the process to identify the decision rules that determine why the process is following a specific route. 

myInvenio provides you with information on the accuracy and reliability of discovered decision rules, enabling you to pursue an iterative approach to increase the precision of your Digital Twin.


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Accurate and Fast to Deploy

myInvenio runs what-if analyses of the derived As-Is model of your process to configure a simulation of your To-Be process. The As-Is model takes into consideration contextual data, such as decision rules, to improve the accuracy of its results with additional data. 

Executing a simulation with myInvenio takes no time at all: simply update the automatically derived information of the As-Is process to reflect the desired changes.

Once a simulation is configured, myInvenio works like a time-machine generating new instances of the To-Be process from the process’ historical data, enabling the discovery and analysis of the behavior of the To-Be process, and delivering reliable ROI estimations.


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