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myInvenio is the process mining tool that support and facilitate your
Robotic Process Automation


myInvenio provides a clear picture of the process to be automated via RPA suggesting the most suitable activities to automate.


myInvenio automatically discovers the processes by identifying the ones with higher potential ROI and providing an estimation of the rpa & non rpa roi.


With myInvenio you can constantly monitor the Robot compliance and immediately identify deviations.


With myInvenio you can constantly monitor the process performances by identifying inefficiencies and driving the changes needed for the process continuous improvements

MyInvenio drives you through the

MyInvenio is a unique process mining tool that can guarantee full transparency of your company’s actual processes, thanks to automated discovery.
With myInvenio you drastically reduce RPA preparation costs, implementation time and minimize project risks.

MyInvenio drives you through the<br />
<strong>RPA ENABLEMENT</strong>

Why should you prepare your company for RPA ?

According to a recent study report published by the Market Research Future, the global RPA market is expected to grow at USD ~7 billion by the end of year 2021 with ~57% of CAGR.

According to the Institute for Robotic Process Automation, an RPA software robot costs about one-third of the price of an offshore full-time employee (FTE) and one one-fifth of the price of an onshore worker.

Automate your back-office processes, get your front line people back to doing what they do best interacting with people, solving their problems, communicating and connecting.

Why should you prepare your company for RPA ?