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Identify Where the Value Lies...

Gain comprehensive visibility on your end-to-end procurement process. 

Identify reworks, manual changes, bottlenecks, maverick buying, and their root causes automatically. Analyze resources and suppliers’ involvement and their risk.

• What process behaviors lead to maverick buying?

• Is there any variant that performs better that you should make standard?

• Are you missing cash discounts or paying late payment fees because your process takes too long?

• Which suppliers are critical and pose a risk to your organization?

Answer these and more questions and save millions of dollars by minimizing reworks and manual changes or introducing automation in procurement.


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MEASURE-ROI-UPFRONT...-Ensure-that-you-select-the-best-improvement-initiatives-by-measuring-their-ROI-upfront.-myInvenio-process-mining-and-digitala-twin-of-an-organization-dto-screenshot (1)

Measure ROI Upfront...

Ensure that you select the best improvement initiatives by measuring their ROI upfront.

• How much time and money will you save by automating your accounts payable?

• Are the changes you intend to implement sufficient to achieve your objectives?

• How do your changes affect risk?

Answer these and more questions and minimize the risk of introducing change.


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Enable Compliance Monitoring…

Monitor your P2P process’ compliance to ensure the process behaves as expected.

• Is your process conformant with its expected behavior?

Is Segregation of Duties currently implemented?

• Are your employees going outside of the accepted buying channels?

• What are the root causes of non-compliance?

Answer these and more questions, and identify and root out maverick buying, and produce documentation to streamline audits with myInvenio.


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