Nowadays, companies need a solution that allows to react quickly to a rapidly changing market. myInvenio is an Operational Intelligence and Digital Transformation solution that offers full management of Business Process Improvement and Transformation by automatically reading process data and providing highly detailed, in-depth process analysis.

Our goal is to effectively manage change by supporting our customers during all phases from process discovery and definition to advanced business analytics, expertise for which we are recognised as a Gartner Cool Vendor.


With myInvenio, organizations are able to constantly:

  • Monitor processes
  • Monitor performance and compliance
  • Identify bottlenecks, critical activities and resources
  • Visualize and recognize suggestions for areas of improvement that will prove critical in predicting trends and allowing timely action
  • Obtain suggestions for the improvements needed to anticipate market trends

myInvenio enables companies to reduce the time to market, to achieve fast performance improvements and to gain a competitive advantage.


myInvenio Process Analyst

Formal business activities are often “shadowed” by undocumented behavior, leading to management issues and catastrophic effects on the company’s expected value.
That is why the myInvenio Process Analyst features automate the process discovery, mapping, analysis, and monitoring of all events and their properties in your existing business systems and compare them with what expected.
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myInvenio Process Analyst

myInvenio Process Insight

The myInvenio Process Analyst is our starting point.
For our customers it is essential to focus on how things are really done and where the issues in their process are.
But the real question, after that, is not only WHERE, but also WHY these irregularities happen
Why do 20% of our orders take less time and are cheaper in order to complete? Why do we order a lot from our supplier “Cable Co. Inc.”? Why do we spend a lot of time when ordering wheels?
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myInvenio Process Insight

myInvenio Process Store

The myInvenio Process Store not only documents real cases and its analyses, but also previews the potential of the solution in different contexts and provide you the best of breed specific KPI and Return on Investment.

The Process Store is constantly updated with new Process Digital Transformation initiatives that occur in a diversified range of industries.
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myInvenio Process Store


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