Epoca Ricerca

Epoca was founded in 2007 as an academic spin-off of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Department of Sciences and Methods for Engineering. Since the beginning, Epoca specializes in innovation projects that are driven by qualitative research, such as service and process design, digital transformation and the development of new business models.

Everis Italia

Everis Italia is the Italian branch of Everis, a multinational consulting company that offers global business solutions, covering all aspects of the value chain, from strategic evaluations to IT operations management, maintenance and outsourcing, through implementing integrated solutions and business services. Everis provides solutions for the Telecommunications, Banking and Insurance sectors, and the Utilities and Public Administration industries.


Heartcore, founded in 2009, has strong experience in products related to RPA, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It has worldwide known customers such as Japan Airlines, Hitachi, Yokohama, Brother and many others. Reseller of solutions like RPA tools and DBMS, it offers solutions for the development, global sales and digital transformation.


Horsa is a leading ICT Group experienced in Designing, Implementing and Managing corporate IT solutions. The firm excels in the ERP, CRM, Business Analytics and Technology areas, but also on the innovation of Big Data, IoT, Cloud and Predictive Analysis. The firm partners with its clients in the design and definition of the best solutions customized for their Digital Innovation.


HSPI S.p.A. is a management consulting company that supports the changing processes of organizations through Information & Communication Technology initiatives. HSPI uses an evidence-based operating model that is capable of integrating distinctive management consulting competencies and specialist knowledge in ICT to successfully deliver both value and diversification to its customers.

ITS People

Our business is the IT-technology and yet we focus on the human being in particular. We unite legally independent IT professionals from different fields under one roof. This creates a comprehensive pool of expertise with exceptional synergies that you can benefit from.
Since the company was founded in 2003, we have done everything to inspire our customers and to find together an optimal solution for your requirements.

Mind The Value

Mind the Value offers Decision Making, Management and Business & System Integration consulting services, leading companies towards a strategic growth, supported by operational processes optimization and strong technical competences. The firm was founded by an entrepreneurial group with long-term experience in Business and System Integration Consulting. Mind The Value has developed a ready-to-use data extractor that can be connected to SAP products, in order to feed myInvenio automatically without any further parameterization.

OT Consulting

OT Consulting, with over 20 years of experience in ICT consulting, was established by a group of consultants known for their extensive portfolio in object-oriented programming. OT Consulting helps companies to develop their strategies by the use of advanced technologies: from traditional client/server systems to Business Process Management and WorkFlow systems. Today, the firm is renowned for its best-of-breed offering with over 100 specialists.


Oxibi SA is a Swiss company providing Consulting, Business Performance Management and Strategic outsourcing to global customers in all business sectors. Oxibi’s team of Business Intelligence experts has supported companies in their digital strategy by offering adaptable and pragmatic solutions that support all stages of the customer’s project.


Projest S.p.A. is a business management consultancy notable in the area of information systems engineering, the development of application software and the automation of business processes. Projest is driven by innovation, customer research, and functional solutions to overcome practical problems, to optimize procedures, and to choose operational strategies to achieve business objectives. Since 2012, Projest has become part of Basisgroup, an entrepreneurial reality with over 200 employees and operates internationally. Basisgroup’s goal is to provide its customers with an extended team with 360 ° Competences in IT: a single point of contact for different needs, greater efficiency, timeliness, and reliability.