New Feature: Customizable KPIs

Category: News Achievement
Category: News Achievement

New Feature: Customizable KPIs

myInvenio is a Process Mining and Operational Intelligence solution to automatically manage your business process transformation. Besides identifying your process bottlenecks, critical activities and resource collaborations, now you can also customize Key Performance Indicators to constantly monitor your process compliance and efficiency.

Choose KPI customization for each activity of your process.

Select-Dashboard-for-further-analytics-following-customized-KPIs-myInvenio-Process-MiningSelect Dashboard for further analytics following customized KPIs.

Switch to KPI Palette in the Process Model to visually check the KPI compliance.

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myInvenio will perform a live demo presenting a case study of the solution applied within Banking and Finance industry showing how the solution helps to achieve relevant performance increases and to gain a competitive advantage in a fast paced financial market.

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