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myInvenio Earns 2 Awards with OT Consulting for Best Digital Transformation and B2B Project

Reggio Emilia, Italy, July 12, 2018 – OT Consulting leads in the Digital360 Contest with myInvenio and Automation Anywhere. Organized by Andrea Rangone, the Digital360 Awards 2018 showcased the best of digital innovation in Italy. Amongst the 200 contestants, OT Consulting was the only contender that took home two awards after an intense three-day evaluation in Lazise, Italy.

The 2018 edition of the Digital360 Awards, the Digital 360 Group’s initiative, born to promote the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in Italy enabled the sharing of the best digitization experiences between companies, suppliers, startups, and institutions. The Digital360 Awards 2018 showcased the three fundamental sources of innovation for organizations in all sectors: projects, research centers, and future technologies.

OT Consulting won with its ‘Process Digital Transformation Credem’ project both
the Special Award for Digital Transformation and the category “B2B and eSupply Chain Solutions”.

The winners were selected by a jury of 73 leading chief innovation officers of Italy’s most influential companies. Amongst these companies managers from the Bonfiglioli Group, Mapei, Unipol, Enel and many others, evaluated the contestants according to three key criteria of Digital Innovation; originality, benefit, and replicability.

The main objective of one of the largest Italian Banking Groups, Credem, was to improve the efficiency of its back-office operations and to centralize its activities. OT Consulting, therefore, proposed its Digital Transformation project with a methodological approach to the enablement of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) through myInvenio. This drove its prominent position throughout the entire contest.

Going further into detail of the project, thanks to myInvenio, OT Consulting was able to analyze the AS-IS process and automatically discover Credem’s ideal activities for RPA enablement. The solution strategically ranked the robotization priorities related to the cost and ROI by simply loading Credem’s event logs onto the solution and visualizing its TO BE process. Thereafter, myInvenio’s What-If analysis compared the simulated process prior and post its robotization. With the core value of continuously improving business processes, the myInvenio Views and Dashboards support the constant monitoring of performance, compliance, ROI, and Automation Trends and reduced Credem’s costs by € 120k per year.

The appointed Italian CIOs and managers were entrusted with the role to promote digital innovation.

These leaders selected 16 projects of great value that drive the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in Italy; the culture that is nowadays a determining factor of success for any organization.

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About myInvenio
Cognitive Technology was founded from a strong base of 20 years of experience gathered from process management and analysis across banking, automotive, and fashion industries. While helping many customers to tackle process management issues, the team saw the necessity for developing an effective and easy-to-use Automated Business Process Analysis and Operational Intelligence platform that myInvenio became.

myInvenio is a disruptive solution to automatically analyze business processes, monitor and predict the future trends of processes. myInvenio identifies process behavior, compliance, performances, the resources involved and their collaboration. myInvenio advanced analytics features can constantly monitor process deviation, KPIs alignment, the bottlenecks of resources and activities. The myInvenio analysis approach ensures 100% reliability besides reducing business process analysis time and costs.
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Digital360 aims to partner with businesses and public administrations assisting them in the understanding and implementation of digital transformation solutions, relying on the best technology providers on the market. Digital360 pursues this objective through a multichannel platform unique in Italy, referred to as the “MatchMaking Platform”, composed of online portals, white papers, events, webinars, communications and marketing services, lead generation initiatives and advisory/consulting. Digital360 integrates a multidisciplinary and multicultural mix of professionalism and expertise, thanks to analysts, journalists, consultants, and experts active in the digital world who all share a great passion and a common mission: digital innovation as an engine of growth and modernization of our country.
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