myInvenio and Automation Anywhere

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Category: News Achievement

myInvenio and Automation Anywhere

"The leading cross-industry solution that delivers the overall process streamline automation and improvement"

Reggio Emilia, Italy, November 28, 2017 – The path that leads to digital transformation is imminent and companies need to evolve to address the changing business landscape. Automation technology is set to play a major role in digital transformation, allowing organizations to optimize their existing processes to deliver digital operations.

We are very proud to announce that Automation Anywhere, the global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and myInvenio, the leading digital transformation platform, signed a partnership to create a new technological paradigm.


Digital transformation refers to the opportunity to redesign and improve processes that govern the business, using a combination of different technological solutions which are added to those already working for enterprises (ERP, CRM, BPMS). The list of these new technologies, which represent real “stakeholders” within the value chain, extends to ever-more advanced and integrated systems: Automation, Cloud, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and more. This entails an increase in volumes and complexities that have to be managed through a platform like myInvenio, a tool that allows you to streamline end-to-end your business processes.


For example, two leading Italian banks; CREDEM and BPER, decided to analyze automate their processes with myInvenio, IBM BPM and Automation Anywhere. myInvenio automatically drew the end-to-end processes, retrieving and combining data from various company IT systems (IBM BPM, CRM, Mainframe and AA). Thanks to Automation Anywhere these banks were able to automate part of their processes by implementing a ‘bot’ that invoked BPM systems to perform customer checks. As a result, the banks saw great improvements of their KPIs. Furthermore, myInvenio constantly monitors the performance of all processes and ‘bots’, driving continuous opportunities for improvement.

An RPA software robot can cost as little as one-third of the price of an offshore full-time employee (FTE) and one one-fifth of the price of an onshore worker. ‘Bots’ are designed to automate back-office processes, get front line staff back to doing what they do best interacting with people, to solve problems, communicating and connecting.

Thanks to this partnership, myInvenio will drive your company through a successful RPA implementation in 4 easy steps:

  • RPA PROCESS SELECTION – have a clear picture of the process to be automated via RPA suggesting the most suitable activities to automate and discovering new ones.
  • RPA PROCESS ESTIMATION – automatically discover the processes identifying the ones with higher potential ROI.
  • RPA PERFORMANCE MONITORING – constantly monitor digital workforce compliance and immediately identify deviations.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTS – constantly monitor the process performance, identifying inefficiencies and driving the changes needed for continuous improvements.


myInvenio, the leading process & operational intelligence digital transformation platform, accredited as ‘Cool Vendor’ in analytics by Gartner (2016), comes from OT Consulting, an ICT company with over 20 years of successful history, 100 people and a solid growth rate. It took shape through daily interactions with customers in Banking, Automotive, Public Sector & Fashion, including Ferrari, Maserati, Max Mara, Swarovski, Accenture and Credem Bank.



Automation Anywhere is the only cognitive robotic process automation platform designed to automate any business process in the modern enterprise.

Automation Anywhere is driving the adoption of robotic process automation technology in leading Financial Services, BPO, Healthcare, Technology, and Insurance companies—to name a few—across more than 90 countries. Visit here.



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