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myInvenio adds the Task Mining capability to its Digital Twin of an Organization

myInvenio - the visionary leader of Process Mining software - announces that from the beginning of January 2020 its Digital Twin of an Organization solution will also include the Task Mining capability.

myInvenio delivers Task Mining combining the power of its Process Mining algorithms with Advanced Task Recording and Advanced Context Recognition creating a unique mix of technologies including Optical Character Recognition and AI Algorithms for Image Recognition.

By adding Task Mining, customers can now get user interaction data and correlate them with the business data that was already analyzed with myInvenio’s Process Mining capabilities. In this way - in addition to having a unique approach in the end-to-end process analysis with Multi-Level Process Mining - myInvenio integrates a microlevel task-based analysis.

In fact, Task Mining can be used to drill down Process Mining to discover what the user actions are beyond the business activities. Bringing these two views together, myInvenio enables companies to correctly identify where the business and high-value human work is and creates a unique way to streamline an end-to-end process from business data to user interaction data.

Diagram_How does task mining work? myInvenio-Task-Mining-steps-for-collecting-user-interaction-data-from-desktops-users-needs-record-user-interaction-context-recognition-OCR-exploit-task-mining-potential-upgrade-your-DTO-large

This approach upgrades the Digital Twin of an Organization to the next level. In fact - from one side - it allows customers to better identify the automation opportunities at the task level within business activities. On the other hand, it brings out hidden or unknown work patterns that allow companies to be more efficient, to create a competitive advantage, and gain a better user experience.

"Today is a big day here at myInvenio. We have always been focused on creating value to our customers, delivering a product ables to generate the most precise process model on the market, starting from business data," said Massimiliano Delsante, CEO at myInvenio. "By announcing the Task Mining capability, we are moving forward in the holistic approach to Business Process Management, Continuous Improvement, and Digital Twin of an Organization enabling our customers to accelerate their Digital Transformation Journey like never before."

Discover more about Task Mining or contact us at to see the latest Task Mining capability in action.

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