myInvenio 1.8 - New Features

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Category: News

myInvenio 1.8

What’s New

  • Automation & Rework Analysis
  • Reference Model Violations & Root Cause Analysis
  • Process Diff Analysis
  • Holiday Schedule Support
  • Custom Widgets & Filters
  • Version History Management
  • Certification Program
  • Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

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The New Features

Automation & Reworks Analysis

We guess you are planning to automate your processes with a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) initiative!
How do you identify the activities or tasks that are ideal for automation? Are you calculating a Return on Investment (ROI)?
What about monitoring in a single place both human and automated activities?
Starting from this version myInvenio enhances the optimization of the organization’s RPA journey by adding a brand new view to the Frequency and Performance Process Model views.

The solution can now analyze the automated and manual activities both in terms of execution time, costs and reworks.

Main new features:

  • Optimize the impact of RPA initiatives by identifying the activities that will benefit the most from
  • Quantify the ROI of automation by comparing the costs of automated and manual activities
  • Monitor the effectiveness and resource allocation over time

myInvenio process mining digital twin of an organization dto screenshot Automation_Reworks

Reference Model Violations & Root Cause Analysis

Since 2013, myInvenio is able to automatically derive a Process Model from the user’s data and compare it with a predefined or a, by myInvenio, defined normative reference model.
Now we are entering a whole new level!
It is not only a compliance matter. We must understand what causes are generating deviations and why.
We need an automatic Private Eye!

The solution offers an enhanced visual business process conformance checking feature by adding an automatic root cause analysis. The Root Cause Analysis is an automated machine learning analysis that identifies the originators of deviations and their impacts on the overall process performance.


Process Diff Analysis

Unity in Diversity or Diversity in Unity, that is the question!
If we look at the processes using different analysis drivers we usually discover differences. If we take improvement initiatives we can, of course, affect the process itself. How can we make a comparison?

The unique diff tool allows you to calculate and display two different processes or views in terms of the model, performance, and cost by:

  • Monitoring the effect of process improvement initiatives
  • Comparing the performances of two different branches or warehouses
  • Digging into the service level provided to a customer versus another


Holiday Schedule Support

Do you work 24 hours straight? Holidays matter, take a break!
Fine-tune the performance analysis by setting holidays and breaks in the calendar of myInvenio.


Custom Widgets & Filters

We are fast but not fast enough to face the requests coming worldwide, so power to the imagination!
Extend and personalize the myInvenio features by writing custom analysis algorithms and filters.

  • Custom filters to drill down your process
  • Custom widgets for Advanced Analytics


Version History Management

The analysis and configurations of your process analysis are time and value!
Are you afraid of losing something?
Would you like to be effective in bringing them to different work environments?

Starting from now myInvenio enables the user to view, manage and restore previous versions of the organization’s processes and dashboards. The version history lets the users see who made the changes and when.

Furthermore, this feature allows the users to move processes and dashboards between environments,
e.g. move a revision from a Quality Assurance (QA) environment to a production environment.


Certification Program

With greater power comes greater responsibility.

We know and believe that and for this reason starting from now myInvenio offers the exclusive opportunity to internally improve businesses through three unique qualifications:

  2. DATA ANALYST certification
  3. TECH EXPERT certification

These op notch certifications allow you to get the most out of myInvenio, increase the enterprise’s efficiency and reduce costs through strategic enterprise theoretical and practical training sessions that are aligned with:

  • Goals and objectives of the organization
  • Business Process Management updates and techniques
  • Information Technology Industry needs
  • Current and future trends in Process Digital Transformation and
    Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

There is always room for improvements.
The myInvenio team always works to make your experience the best it can possibly be.
This update includes speed, stability and reliability improvements based on your feedback and the trends in Process Digital Transformation.

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