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IHI, a heavy industry giant in Japan, started using myInvenio to accelerate their DX and DTO

myInvenio and HeartCore are happy to announce that IHI Corporation – an established comprehensive heavy industry manufacturer whose headquarters is located in Tokyo – selected myInvenio to accelerate their business process improvement for the companies of the entire group starting November 2019.

With the support of HeartCore – the myInvenio exclusive distributor in Japan – IHI established through a PoC project why the process mining approach is an effective solution for business process improvement which leads to the adoption of myInvenio.

myInvenio was selected thanks to its real Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) approach, in fact, it can derive a really precise model of your processes and enable you to pursue continuous improvement initiatives with a low-cost and fail-fast approach.

“We are excited and honored to have such an important customer and to see how much the interest in process mining is growing in Japan. myInvenio, also thanks to HeartCore, and will be fully committed to supporting IHI empowering their Digital Transformation Journey implementing a real DTO using the unique capabilities of myInvenio” commented Massimiliano Delsante, CEO of myInvenio.

Starting from now IHI will utilize myInvenio to improve the overall business processes of its headquarters and subsidiaries with the goal of implementing a DTO.

HeartCore will provide training and professional services to IHI and bring them tangible results.

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