IBM, Meet Process Mining: MyInvenio Brings New Capabilities to IBM’s Cloud Pak for Automation with Process Mining Integration
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IBM, Meet Process Mining: MyInvenio Brings New Capabilities to IBM’s Cloud Pak for Automation with Process Mining Integration

Reggio Emilia, Italy, November 10, 2020

myInvenio announced today that it has launched a global strategic business partnership with IBM. The partnership offers successful, faster data-driven automation implementation for businesses looking to build their operational resiliency

The Challenge: Companies are facing new operational challenges that are exposing efficiency and business continuity gaps:

  • Customer demand is volatile, requiring the ability to quickly scale up or down
  • Industries are being disrupted, requiring rapid creation of new products and services
  • Remote employees are struggling to get work done, requiring new capabilities to remain productive
  • Businesses are continuing to increase their focus on automation to help with these issues but:
    • Automation projects face many challenges in scaling up as enterprises often don’t know how to choose automation candidates that will make a difference.
    • They underestimate internal challenges and resistance to change around deploying automation. 
    • A weak business case and unrealistic cost-savings expectations can lead to unsustainable automation initiatives.

The Solution: The next frontier in operational resilience is the development of operating models that embrace resilience: able to withstand shocks and capture emerging opportunities faster and more effectively than those of their competitors. Hyperautomation combines automation and technology to form intelligent automation, paving the way for resilient and sustainable digital operating models.

Process mining is one of the pillars for hyperautomation, essential for its ability to connect all stakeholders of an organization’s end to end processes into one holistic view to simplify, measure, and manage processes throughout the entire automation journey—making it an enabler for operational resilience Alongside process mining, business rule mining and task mining are considered pillars that increase visibility and provide added value to process automation. 

myInvenio and IBM Launch a Strategic Business Partnership to Help Businesses Make Quick and Easy Wins in the Hyperautomation Journey.

myInvenio’s process mining and task mining technology will now be integrated into the IBM Cloud Pak for Automation, a platform of integrated software with capabilities to help customers implement automation into their processes for highly streamlined workflows, creates better customer experience, and frees up employees to spend time on more value-added tasks. 

myInvenio offers IBM the final piece it needed to provide the market’s only full-service hyperautomation platform, available in December 2020. The integration of process mining and task mining completes the platform for a full set of hyperautomation capabilities, where myInvenio discovers and analyzes processes while other enterprise solutions within IBM’s Cloud Pak for Automation will execute any changes to the process. 

“Since the beginning of the myInvenio journey we have focused our vision and R&D effort on providing the best solution for continuous process improvement and automation,” said Massimiliano Delsante, CEO, myInvenio. “The integration of myInvenio into the IBM Cloud Pak for Automation fulfills this vision by providing a unified solution for hyperautomation and operational resilience management. This is a great partnership for our clients.”

IBM has chosen to include myInvenio’s advanced technology in its platform due to the unique capabilities myInvenio provides businesses:

  • Process Discovery: Uses the data you already have to discover your end-to-end process including user interaction data, giving a clear picture of how the as-is process is running
  • Task Mining: Captures user interaction data to complete the process map, showing where manual activities are causing process inefficiencies like reworks and longer wait times.
  • Business Rule Mining: Derive business rules according to your business data to understand not only the probability but also why the process follows a specific path.
  • RPA Candidates: Uses insights obtained from Task Mining to automatically identify where automation will eliminate process bottlenecks, reduce lead time, and result in the greatest overall process improvement.
  • Simulation: Lets you test out your automation initiatives to calculate the expected ROI of your To-Be process and guarantee that the changes are desired and effective.

This set of capabilities allows businesses to create the most advanced and precise dynamic model of their processes on the market, known as a Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO). A DTO is a virtual copy of a business process that facilitates quick decision-making for automation projects by always showing the most current state of a process. 

Top Italian bank, Credem Bank, is an example of how process mining plays an essential role in the hyperautomation journey. Credem, a myInvenio customer, is using process mining with IBM Cloud Pak for Automation to find inefficiencies and add automation to its critical processes. With 50 processes discovered and analyzed, Credem is well on its way to reaching its goal of scaling up to 400 processes.

“We selected IBM Cloud Pak for Automation and myInvenio as key solutions for the digital transformation and continuous improvement of our processes. We are thrilled to see that the value of the choice we made years ago is now confirmed by this strategic partnership and by Gartner” Said Nazzareno Gregori, General Manager Credem Bank

About myInvenio

myInvenio was founded from a strong base of 20 years of experience gathered from process management and analysis across banking, automotive, and fashion industries. While helping many customers to tackle process management issues, the team saw the necessity for developing an effective and easy-to-use Automated Business Process Analysis and Operational Intelligence platform that myInvenio became.

myInvenio is a disruptive solution to automatically analyze business processes, monitor and predict the future trends of processes. myInvenio identifies process behavior, compliance, performances, the resources involved and their collaboration. myInvenio advanced analytics features can constantly monitor process deviation, KPIs alignment, the bottlenecks of resources and activities. The myInvenio analysis approach ensures 100% reliability besides reducing business process analysis time and costs.

For more information, visit the IBM official announcement and the IBM Automation Blog.

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