Our New Exclusive Partner in Japan is... HeartCore!

Category: News Achievement
Category: News Achievement

HeartCore is the myInvenio Exclusive Distributor in Japan for the next three years.

Founded in 2009 by Sumitaka Kanno, currently President & CEO with a considerable extensive experience in managing companies issues, Heartcore has already gained a strong experience in products related to RPA, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

HeartCore has worldwide known customers such as JAPAN AIRLINES, HITACHI, YOKOHAMA, BROTHER and many others.

Reseller of mission-critical solutions like RPA tools and DBMS, Heartcore has now chosen to complete its lineup for the Digital Transformation by offering myInvenio Process Mining and Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO).

By using the latest web technologies, the keystones of its offer are: solutions for the development, global sales and support for Digital Transformation Journey.

myInvenio is the leading Digital Transformation platform for Process Mining: your Digital Twin, and HeartCore has immediately perceived and understood it by choosing us.

We had the great opportunity to meet us in Reggio Emilia in order to define the 2019 strategy and sign the partnership agreement.

We’ve chosen HeartCore in Japan because it’s a leader in the distribution of enterprise software, an expert on the Japanese market, based in Tokyo: the capital of Technology.

We are sure that in a faraway and complex market as Japan, having a prestigious local Partner is essential to spread myInvenio as a business solution.

Both myInvenio and HeartCore aim at optimizing business processes and creating higher value for our customers.
Working together on offering concrete business solutions and supporting companies to reach better performances is the main goal of our partnership.

Sharing this value is the essence of our successful path together.


myInvenio, the leading process & operational intelligence digital transformation platform, accredited as ‘Cool Vendor’ in analytics by Gartner (2016), comes from OT Consulting, an ICT company with over 20 years of successful history, 100 people and a solid growth rate. It took shape through daily interactions with customers in Banking, Automotive, Public Sector & Fashion, including Ferrari, Maserati, Max Mara, Swarovski, Accenture and Credem Bank.


HeartCore, founded in 2009, is a reseller of mission-critical solutions like RPA tools and DBMS. HeartCore is driving development and digital transformation solutions in many leading Japanese companies.

For more info, visit the website here.



Stefano Pedrazzi

VP Sales & Marketing

+39 329 0179870

Sumitaka Kanno

HeartCore President & CEO

+81 3-6409-6966

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