bpmNEXT 2019

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Category: News Event

bpmNEXT 2019

bpmNEXT 2019 – myInvenio’s CEO Massimiliano Delsante Presenting How Process Mining and DTO Enable Digital Transformation

myInvenio is pleased to announce the participation of myInvenio’s CEO as a guest speaker at bpmNEXT, the definitive showcase of intelligent automation.

The conference will take place on April 15 – 17 in Santa Barbara, CA

bpmNEXT is a thought leadership conference about the next generation of Intelligent Automation software – Process Mining and Advanced Analytics, AI and Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Decision Management, Digital Transformation, and new cloud software architecture built on containers and REST services. bpmNEXT is not the typical “how to” conference aimed at newbies. It is designed specifically for those already chest-deep in Intelligent Automation technology and eager to get in early on its next round of technology innovation – to touch it, see it, and influence it.

After presenting the value of process mining in enabling RPA last year, this year myInvenio’s CEO Massimiliano Delsante will discuss the role of Process Mining and Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) in enabling Digital Transformation.

Our CEO’s intervention will include a walk through a case study based on a real customer success story, where myInvenio’s Process Mining and DTO capabilities have been deployed to enable the analysis and the enhancement of a loan management process.

Meet myInvenio’s leadership team at bpmNEXT 2019 – schedule a meeting.

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