bpmNEXT 2018

Category: News Event
Category: News Event

bpmNEXT 2018

“bpmNEXT offers you an unparalleled opportunity
to preview what’s coming next for the BPM industry,
how close is it, and how you can leverage it to gain first-mover advantage in your industry.”
(, 2018)


Cognitive Technology has been chosen to showcase its disruptive product, myInvenio, at the bpmNEXT 2018 conference in Santa Barbara, California. Our CEO, Massimiliano Delsante, will give a unique sneak-peak of myInvenio’s potential at the most influential conference for Business Process Management.

The conference will take place the 17th until the 19th of April, 2018.

bpmNEXT 2018

bpmNEXT is the official showcase of the next generation of Business Process Management software. The unique event assembles the greatest industry influencers who will set the tempo, trends and the market direction in operational innovation.

Attend the unique showcase of myInvenio on the 18th of April at 1:30 PM.

Get the unique chance to meet Massimiliano and find out how you can leverage your process digital transformation strategies to disrupt your industry! Don’t miss out and register today!

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The Revolutionary Process Digital Transformation Solution

Every company strives for operational excellence in the digital era to remain competitive and up to date with its global market trends. myInvenio is the solution to instantly boost the organization’s core businesses by automatically discovering processes and constantly monitoring compliance and performance. myInvenio enables continuous process improvements by delivering measurable ROI thanks to AI, advanced analytics, simulation and what-if analyses.

myInvenio is the leading process digital transformation solution with
an exceptional track record in delivering measurable ROI.

The user-friendly platform facilitates the instantaneous governance of all complex processes that harmonizes all event logs in a single intuitive platform.

The cross-industry solution is able to easily align with any enterprise goals. The platform harmonizes all big data from different enterprise software systems getting a unique streamlined process vision.

myInvenio allows for immediate process discovery,
unforeseen analytics, and enables continuous improvements.

The software solution has been recognized for its revolutionary functionalities and constant insight for enterprises with intricate processes and sensitive data. myInvenio is widely used to aid companies to deliver real measurable results and to provide knowledge of intricate processes to drive informed decisions.

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