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What is Task Mining?

Task Mining is the discovery, monitoring, and analysis of user interaction data on a desktop.

While business data in your operational systems describe a process by telling you which and when steps have occurred, user interaction data is everything done by people to accomplish those steps.

The integration between Process Mining (business data) and Task Mining (user interaction data) allows you to discover:

  • What happens during the execution or waiting time of a business activity?

  • What each employee does, the actual time spent on each task, and idle or unproductive time.

Task Mining can also manage your process analysis on its own. User interaction data can be used to discover, monitor, and analyze a process that is not recorded in any of your operational systems.


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How Does Task Mining Work?




Task Recording

In order to collect user interaction data, the user interactions have to be recorded: to do so, an agent is installed on each employee's computer.

It records and collects each user's desktop interactions by capturing screenshots and information at different points in time which are pushed back to myInvenio.

Context Recognition (OCR)

Through advanced intelligent Optical Character Recognition technologies, all user interaction data is recognized during the recording and translated into structured contextual information related to users' different tasks.

Advanced Custom Recording

The more detailed the task analysis, the more advanced the recording. 

Custom recording enables the agent to keep track of everything that happens during the execution of the task and is therefore  able to retrieve information on how every task is executed. Each resource may approach the same task differently in terms of steps performed, time spent, and time lost.

The Benefits of Task Mining

Improvement Evaluations
Process Mining and Task Mining Integration


Task Mining provides unique Productivity insights which you cannot obtain from business data only. Two kinds of productivity analyses are:

  • Resource Productivity: see how productive each user is and how much time each user spent on different applications and websites. Learn which applications and websites are the most used and which users are the most productive.

  • Task Productivity: thanks to myInvenio analytics you'll deep dive into the details of every task in the process to see which tasks have the most productive users and which tasks are worked on in parallel.


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Website_myInvenio Task Mining_iPad_Improvement Evaluations Automation Reallocate Resources Reduce Process Deviations Discovery Compliance Performance

Improvement Evaluations

  • Automation: Use the insights on performance, productivity, and frequency to design the best automation strategy. Automate frequent paths of the process, and repetitive and unproductive tasks.

  • Reallocate Resources: Use the Segregation of Duties and Resource Productivity insights to redesign the Resource Allocation of the process. Choose the best performers for specific tasks, eliminate parallel tasks execution, and resolve any resource-related problems.

  • Reduce Process Deviations: Design strategies to reduce the most critical process deviations by focusing on the related root causes.

  • Discovery, Compliance, and Performance: Combine Task Mining (user interaction data) with Process Mining (business data) when analyzing business processes to produce a whole new level of insights:

    • Process discovery
    • Conformance checking
    • Root cause analysis
    • Segregation of duties
    • Performance analysis (time and costs)


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Task Mining and Process Mining Integration

Combine business data with user interaction data to perform analyses at different levels of detail for your process, providing you with a complete picture of your process.

After Task Mining has been performed on user interaction data to analyze user behavior, Process Mining can be integrated to apply all the benefits of Process Mining to the user interaction data, to discover which front end activities are occurring during one or more business activities.


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