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The myInvenio Process Store is constantly updated with new Process Digital Transformation initiatives that occur in a diversified range of industries.
myInvenio provides a unique set of analyses and KPIs for every type of process analyzed:

  • Performance view based on average, maximum, minimum, median time

  • Performance view based on KPI

  • Average number/maximum number of activities in queue

  • Average time/maximum time an activity waits in queue

  • Average number/maximum number of allocated resources

  • Arrival rate

  • Fitness and Similarity

  • Average Case lead time

  • Most critical activity

  • Most critical resource

  • Social network analysis ( resources doing similar tasks and working together)

  • Activity waiting queue

  • Activity duration and count

  • Resource Load

  • Activity map

  • Conformance checking

  • Reworks

  • Automation Level

Cross-Industry Processes

Visualize and Analyze your core processes. Get the data from fragmented systems in a single and transparent overview to identify opportunities to improve processes, reduce complexities, and obtain complete control of global practices and KPIs.

Order to Cash

A set of business processes for receiving and processing customer sales orders for goods and services, and their payment.

KPI: Service Level, Order Cycle Time, Received Trend

Procure to Pay

Connects the procurement and entire supply chain processes within a company through the goods receipt process, and finally to the vendor payment.

KPI: Maverick Buying, On time Payment, Invoice Processing Time

Accounts Payable

The process by which companies pay bills and invoices in an accurate and legitimate manner.

KPI: Payment Processing Time, Invoice Exception Rate, Invoice Cycle Time

Accounts Receivable

Refers to the outstanding invoices a company is waiting on from its clients. The process makes the Receivables traceable and manageable.

KPI: Invoice Cycle Time, Days Sales Outstanding, Revised Invoice Ratio



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Banking Processes

Cut costs, monitor, and transform banking processes. Start from transparent process overviews, compliance, and bottlenecks to boost business performance, automate reworks, and eliminate risks. Boost your RPA initiatives using the ready-to-use processes.

Automation of Financial Tools

Assigns security positions to the finance area procedure.

KPI: Information Loading Time, Information Acquisition Timeliness

Issue of Bank Guarantees

Preparatory checks of the Issue of the Bank Guarantees and, once completed, making the prints available to the network.

KPI: Level of Automation, Guarantee compilation time

Current Account Closure

Closure of the services connected to the account and, after the appropriate checks, reservation of the closure on the procedures.

KPI: Requests managed by the Bots, Requests reworked, Processing time of the request

Credit Card Remote Selling

Credit checks on the customer's credit card upon request, selling or rejection of the card.

KPI: Number of Cards sold and refused by the Bots, Accuracy of the executed checks

Euro and Currency Liquidity Management

Generating credit transfers (using SWIFT) to regulate the min and max stocks of the finance liquidity accounts.

KPI: Bank Transfer Time, Number of Arranged Credit Transfers, Overrun Cost

Events Reconciliation

Match spreadsheets and executed banking operations (orders - executed).

KPI: Control Execution Time

Funds Check

Generation of credit transfers for the settlement of transactions with SGR with activities from the Control Flows, the acquisition and the execution of orders.

KPI: Data Verification and Credit Availability Time

Future Verification

Verification of the positions and executions among Future, the bank and the Broker.

KPI: Execution Time, Accuracy of the executed checks

High Risk Position Inquiry

Manage communication and Inquiry of the Customer's High-Risk Position.

KPI: Information Management Time

Italian Company Events

Management, Reporting, and Sending Communications of Cut dividends, Meeting tickets, OPA and OPV.

KPI: Time of the Management of the Information, Notifications to the Branches, Data quality

Large-Scale Retailers Withdrawal

Credits and charges related to the large-scale retail distribution channel.

KPI: Execution Time, Number of executed credit/debit transactions

Loans Control

Verify the accuracy of loan documentation and the current procedure. Validate information and update conservative data.

KPI: Number of Controlled/Updated Procedures, Data automatically, Archiving Time

Management of Data Quality Anomalies

Manage and update personal data inconsistencies and access the Chamber portal of commerce to retrieve information.

KPI: Number of Detected Anomalies

Mortgage Cancellation

Assign mortgage cancellations to the Revenue Agency and recover receipts while updating the system.

KPI: Timeliness of the cancellation notification and update of the finance area

Non-Performing Loans

Update the Non-performing Loan Management following loan closures.

KPI: Timeliness to the internal procedure

Pricing of Financial Instruments

Data extraction and verification from the Bloomberg platform.

KPI: Information Retrieval Time

Sicav Transfers

Check and enter information regarding customer orders on SGR systems. Match printouts from different sources.

KPI: Information Management and Verification of Flows Time

Single Justice Fund

Opening of the Single Justice Fund practice and process: engagement of individual operations and assigning to an internal procedure.

KPI: Transit Time to Cross the Entire Internal Process

Termination of the Guarantee Agreement

Assign the guarantor position to the master data following loan closures.

KPI: Timeliness of the closure

Third-Party Foreclosure

Data extraction, validation, and management from opening foreclosure modules.

KPI: Units of Information of the Automated Retrieval


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Manufacturing Processes

Analyze and Optimize your Production lifecycle. Start from the entry of production, and then all the supply chain activities.


The process used to transform inputs, such as resources, into goods or services.

KPI: Order fulfillment rates, Number of backorders, Gross Margin Performance


The containment, holding, leaving, or placement of goods or materials with the intention of retrieving them at a later time.

KPI: Inventory turnover, Average days to sell inventory, Obsolete inventory carrying costs


The movement of goods and services from the source to the final customer, consumer or user.

KPI: Average Shipping times, Delivery Efficiency, Customer Backorders, Margin Breakdown.


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Energy & Utility Processes

Achieve complete transparency and boost the efficiency of all process workflows. Start from the contract implementation time, bottlenecks, and compliance. Take advantage of myInvenio’s unique experience in analyzing Energy & Utility measurements, and experience in maintaining processes.

Customer Acquisitions

The process of persuading a consumer to purchase an Energy & Utilities services (i.e. Electric, Gas, Water)

KPI: Cost of Customer Acquisition, Abandonment Rate

Sales Management

The efforts put forth to attain a company's objectives of selling Energy & Utility services (i.e. new activation, contract switch, contract transfer)

KPI: Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Retention

Meter to Cash

A series of business processes used to serve utility and energy customers from the consumption measurement to the invoice.

KPI: Service Level, Order Cycle Time, Received Trend

Maintenance Procurement

The process of finding, agreeing terms, and acquiring services or works from an external source for maintenance activities.

KPI: Work Quality, Delivery Service Level, Complaints

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