myInvenio Process Analyst is our starting point

For our customers it is essential to focus on how things are really done and where the issues in the process are.
The real question after that is not only WHERE, but also WHY these irregularities happen.

Why do 20% of our orders take less time and are cheaper to complete? Why do we order a lot from our supplier “Cable Co. Inc.”? Why do we spend a lot of time when ordering wheels?

Process Intelligence

Answer those questions by applying drill-down, slice-and-dice and aggregation data analysis patterns to your processes.

Enrich your model with contextual data.

Leverage unique features, tailored for the process analysts: this is much more than Business Intelligence!


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Variants Comparison

A graphical tool to compare two or more variants to obtain actionable insight:

  • Spot inefficiencies and their impact in terms of time and money.
  • Highlight Happy Paths.
  • Compute the estimated ROI of a process improvement initiative.

You can see that 20% of your orders follow a different path with the activities “Approved”, “BR Funding” and “Post Docu-Sign Funders” which take less time than the other branches to complete.

This is the reason why these orders require less time and money in order to be managed.


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Self-service Data Visualization

Build custom dashboards in minutes leveraging our drag-and-drop online editor.

From simple tables to multi-dimensional bubble charts: identify new patterns and grasp difficult concepts thanks to our advanced data visualizations.

You can also see that the wheel orders take a lot of time.

Using a bubble chart with a product and a supplier as dimensions, we can see that the problem is related to the supplier MM, the only supplier of these kind of goods.


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Custom Metrics

Using our Excel-like expression editor you can define and evaluate metrics and KPIs relevant to your company.

If you define a service level agreement measurement as the difference between promised date and effective goods reception date, you can see that the customer Cable Co Inc. has an excellent ratio between number of orders and service level agreement.

So you have identified why Cable Co Inc. is one of the most used suppliers.


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Process Path and Prediction

And what about a single process path?

With our Analytics feature you can analyze a single order from all of the perspectives.
If this order is currently running, you can predict possible future paths and performances in terms of time and costs.


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  • Analytics dashboards are completely configurable and sharable
  • Use of most frequent graphic representation (pie-chart, row-chart, bubble-chart, ..)
  • Real-time filtering and interaction
  • The ability to use custom queries on process data
  • The ability to filter variants
  • The ability to compare variants graphically in terms of frequency, times, costs, KPI.
  • Focus on process implications: model, average lead time,
  • The ability to focus on single cases and to predict running cases


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