Automatic process discovery & Process Mining

Process Discovery

First of all, myInvenio is a solution to automatically discover processes, analyze their past patterns, monitor the present and predict future process trends.

It takes the data you already have in your systems, automatically draws and visualizes your process immediately providing analysis in terms of frequency and case duration.


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Conformance Checking

It is possible to visually verify the compliance and the conformance of your process by loading a process model defined and developed in a traditional manner.

By using myInvenio you can also define it directly with the Business Process Analysis platform, which is completely integrated with our automatic Business Process Discovery system.


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Dashboard Analytics

You can also identify all the bottlenecks of your process using the process check-up feature.
Here you can find performance and conformance overviews, the most critical activities and resources.

It is also possible to do the timeline analysis of incoming applications, duration and count of activities, and waiting queues.

This is very useful in spotting any bottlenecks and planning resources according to the busiest periods of time.


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You can customize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and visualize the impact in terms of the process check-up and the process model following your configurations.

This is quite important if you want to have a holistic view of your process management: it is fundamental to evaluate your process performance using custom concepts of your specific context.


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Process Animation

myInvenio offers the capability to monitor process flows on a daily basis: using the animation you can follow the timeline of all ongoing events.

Each red bullet here represents a case, so it is evident when you have a queue and also if you are in line with KPIs for each activity.


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Social Network

Additionally, with our solution, you can focus on resources and roles involved in your process in order to find issues related to the assignment of tasks and workload.

With the Social Network perspective, you can identify relations between two or more resources and you can define new roles depending on shared activities.
You can identify the key resources of the process.


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We offer the ability to better govern processes by integrating traditional top-down approaches (traditional modeling phase) with automatic process discovery, starting from the most used databases and systems (SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, Infor,..).

It is also possible to integrate our platforms with some of the best BI products, such as Qlik and Power BI. You can simply interact with myInvenio filtering your data and seeing your process model with simple plugins.

Business Process Analysis

Our BPA tool is fully integrated with the myInvenio platform and is a product that enables our customers to draw and modify process models using BPMN 2.0 notations. It is also possible to draw the process, application and organization landscapes in order to build a complete map of your company.


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