[Video] How Credem Bank Made Its Operations More Resilient with an Integrated Hyperautomation Solution

Credem Bank needed to make its operations and processes more resilient. It set out on a hyperautomation journey to automate as many processes as possible. Credem CIO Mauro Torelli explains how one of Italy’s top banks created a highly effective hyperautomation strategy for its digital transformation.

Today companies are starting to look at automation opportunities with a wider lens. They’re beginning to see the potential of hyperautomation, combining automation technologies with advanced tools for process discovery and optimization and tools like AI and Machine Learning to go beyond simple task automation. Hyperautomation is a driver for operational efficiency throughout an entire enterprise, by connecting all processes together for one, holistic digital transformation.

Credem Bank set up a hyperautomation strategy to make its processes more efficient and resilient, one that used a carefully selected integration of tools. The results have been impressive: already 50 processes have been discovered and analyzed. Credem is on a steady path to reach its goal of scaling up to 400 processes.

Watch an interview with myInvenio CEO Massimiliano Delsante and Credem Bank CIO Mauro Torelli who discusses the solutions Credem is using today in its hyperautomation journey.

Version 2 - Q&A Mauro Torelli - Credito Emiliano SpA-1

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See how one of Italy’s leading Italian banks, Credem Bank, used the myInvenio solution to immediately save 85% in back-office activity costs with process mining.

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Stefano Pedrazzi

Stefano Pedrazzi has 15+ years of experience in the ICT and BPM field. He spent a significant part of his work life leading and managing Business Process Management and System Integration Projects for OT Consulting. Since 2017 he has been the VP of Sales & Marketing at myInvenio, helping his customers kick-start their Process Digital Transformation revolution using myInvenio’s process mining solution.

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