Why You Need Process Mining for Digital Transformation (Video 2020)

Watch the video conversation between myInvenio CEO Massimiliano Delsante and Irene Lyakovesty, business and tech advocate, who discuss how process mining brings value and drives informed decision making in digital transformation

Digital Transformation is a phrase that’s been getting a lot of attention in the business world these days. Just look up the top business trends for 2020 from any site of your choice and you’ll see at least a handful of futuristic technologies like AI and Machine Learning make it on every list. These digital tools are becoming the central focus for companies from all around the world that want to implement the latest technologies into their business operations as part of their digital transformation journey.


Best Practices: Process Mining for Digital Transformation

  • What is Digital Transformation?
  • Challenges in Digital Transformation
  • Process Mining: The Foundation for Digital Transformation
  • Video Highlight 1: Process Mining and Digital Transformation
  • Video Highlight 2: Process Mining to Analyze AS-IS Business Processes
  • Video Highlight 3: Data and Process Mining ROI
  • Video Highlight 4: Better Process Model - Better Decisions
  • Video Highlight 5: AI Augments Business Process Analysis
  • Full Video Conversation

What is Digital Transformation?

According to Gartner, digital transformation “can refer to anything from IT modernization (for example, cloud computing), to digital optimization, to the invention of new digital business models.” This definition is fairly broad, but in effect, very true. We can essentially say that digital transformation is the integration of technologies into business operations with the goal to create a more efficient organization that constantly adds value while cutting costs-- and there are countless technologies that can help us reach this goal. From adding a new collaboration tool to automating an entire business process, there are myriad possibilities to optimize your business which means endless opportunities for reducing costs and boosting growth.


Challenges in Digital Transformation

While Digital Transformation promises to bring many benefits to your business, it does come with a few challenges that need to be addressed. The first and possibly the most important challenge is the approach your business takes to reach digital transformation.

Think for a moment about remodelling your kitchen. You wouldn’t order new cabinets without first properly measuring the space to make sure they’ll fit. You need accurate and precise measurements in order to make an informed decision about the dimension and style of cabinets you can install, or you’ll end up wasting your energy trying to mount an expensive hardware that isn’t compatible with your space.

The same goes for digital transformation. Before you start adding technology into your business, you need to have all the necessary and relevant analyses about how your business operates in order to make informed decisions about the type of technology you should introduce and an understanding of how the technology will optimize your business operations.

This is especially true when it comes to automating part or all of your business processes. Haphazardly adding in automation with the intention of speeding up digital transformation could actually result in the inverse effect. The right mindset in your approach for digital transformation shouldn’t be “the more automation I can fit in my business process, the faster I’ll reach complete digital transformation,” but rather, “the better the automation fits in my process, the more benefits I can receive.” Taking time to analyze and understand the process guarantees better automation selection, continuous improvement and can actually speed up digital transformation in the long run.


Process Mining: The Foundation for Digital Transformation

So what’s the best way to analyze your business processes?

To answer this question, Irene Lyakovetsy, a former senior advisory marketing manager at IBM for Business Process and Decision Management Software, and technology advocate and evangelist, started a video conversation with Massimiliano Delsante, CEO of the company myInvenio that offers a process mining and digital twin of an organization solution, to explain how process mining is an essential process discovery, analysis and monitoring tool for businesses starting out on their digital transformation journey.

Irene recently posted her conversation with Massimiliano to her Youtube channel SaugaTalks which is dedicated to weekly talks about business and tech. You can watch the full video below.

We’ve pulled our favorite highlights from the video that focus on the latest advancements in the digital transformation landscape and Massimiliano’s thoughts on the important insights process mining reveals in business processes, which you can watch below:


Video Highlight 1: Process Mining for Digital Transformation 2020 (3:48)

Massimiliano shares his professional background in the digital landscape and why he believes it’s time we change the way we manage our business processes.

Key takeaways:
  • Why the traditional business process improvement approach doesn’t address the current problems businesses have today.
  • Why process mining the starting point for the digital transformation journey


Video Highlight 2: Process Mining to Analyze AS-IS Business Processes (3:17)

Organizations are changing fast and so are their business processes which means that in order to capture the process flow, you need a tool that can keep up with constant changes in the process.

Key takeaways:
  • What is the starting point for analyzing the as-is business process?
  • The main differences between process mining and business process management when creating a business process model


Video Highlight 3: Data and Process Mining ROI (1:58)

Massimiliano shares his thoughts on data extraction—what he calls a “barrier” to process mining adoption—and how it’s a necessary step in achieving continuous improvement in business processes.

Key takeaways:
  • Why data extraction is considered by some to be a barrier to process mining adoption
  • What people who overcome this barrier get as a result of their effort.

Video Highlight 4: Better Process Model - Better Decision Making

Is it possible to perceive the benefits of your to-be process without any implementation effort? The answer is yes—if you have the right process mining tools.

Massimiliano discusses where traditional process mining stops and precise, dynamic process mining begins, starting from the unique set of capabilities that Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) provides in process analysis, monitoring, and continuous improvement.

DTO is an extremely precise, dynamic model of a business process that provides deep levels of analysis that guide better decision making in process improvement initiatives.

Key takeaways:
  • What types of analyses a precise process model provides
  • What unique insight DTO reveals for business rules
  • The new capabilities advanced simulation engines provide for process improvement initiatives


Video Highlight 5: AI Augments Business Process Analysis (4:19)

Does your business have a data lake? Data lakes create a single, easy access repository for all the various process data in its raw form, ready to be analyzed.

Key takeaways:
  • What process mining analyzes in the as-is process
  • How Machine Learning and AI play an important role in analyzing your company’s as-is business process
  • The knowledge bases needed to achieve a holistic approach for business process analysis, monitoring, and improvement


Full Video Conversation

Stefano Pedrazzi

Stefano Pedrazzi has 15+ years of experience in the ICT and BPM field. He spent a significant part of his work life leading and managing Business Process Management and System Integration Projects for OT Consulting. Since 2017 he has been the VP of Sales & Marketing at myInvenio, helping his customers kick-start their Process Digital Transformation revolution using myInvenio’s process mining solution.

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