[Video] How Credem Bank Made Its Operations More Resilient with an Integrated Hyperautomation Solution

Credem Bank needed to make its operations and processes more resilient. It set out on a hyperautomation journey to automate as many processes as possible. Credem CIO Mauro Torelli explains how one of Italy’s top banks created a highly effective hyperautomation strategy for its digital transformation. Today companies are starting to look at automation opportunities with a wider lens. They...

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How To Optimize Your Inefficient Order to Cash with Process Mining

Order to cash (O2C) is the process where an organization delivers a product or services to a customer in exchange for money. It starts from the customer’s order and ends with customer payment.   Why Is O2C Important Four Signs Your Process Is in Trouble Key Challenges In O2C Improvement 6 Steps to Improve the Order to Cash Process with Process Mining   O2C is a highly complex, cross-func...

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6 Differences Between Traditional Process Analysis and Process Mining

If you’ve come across any process mining advocates, they’ll be sure to boast about the insights, the money saved with process mining, how it’s radically changed the Business Process Management (BPM) environment—the list goes on. For those new to process mining, all of this has got to sound pretty intriguing. At least we hope so. However, amidst all the praise, it’s also important to show...

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How Companies with ERP Can Benefit From Process Mining | myInvenio blog

How Companies with ERP Can Benefit From Process Mining

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems boast an impressive list of benefits for businesses who implement them. They streamline business operations, boost customer satisfaction, and keep a business’s most crucial data organized and safe to name a few. The expected outcome is faster business growth and greater ROI. ERP is also known to be difficult to manage, and costly—a real headache...

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