Why You Need Process Mining for Digital Transformation (Video 2020)

Watch the video conversation between myInvenio CEO Massimiliano Delsante and Irene Lyakovesty, business and tech advocate, who discuss how process mining brings value and drives informed decision making in digital transformation Digital Transformation is a phrase that’s been getting a lot of attention in the business world these days. Just look up the top business trends for 2020 from an...

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Business Intelligence vs Process Mining: What's the Difference?

If you’re confused about the difference between Business Intelligence and Process Mining, you’re not alone. Many people I’ve talked with are fairly familiar with Business Intelligence but aren’t exactly sure what Process Mining’s role is in the business operations landscape. Some even think that Process Mining and Business Intelligence are the same thing. So, you too are wondering, what’...

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What is Process Mining?

Process Mining discovers, monitors, and optimizes business processes. It converts a company’s system data into accurate process models, giving actionable insights into process behavior and inefficiencies.   How Does Process Mining Work? The Three Main Phases of Process Mining Process Mining Features and Capabilities Why Should Companies Use Process Mining? The Next Generation of Process ...

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